Conflict Resolution and Breakaway

To include Breakaway techniques Optional

Course duration – 3 hours

This course can be delivered via zoom or at your premises

This Conflict Management training course will teach your staff what conflict is, how to recognise when it is happening, the correct methods of dealing with confrontation, how to reduce and resolve conflict, and the best way to seek help and advice when needed. 

At the end of this course your staff will be able to

  • Describe common causes of conflict,
  • Describe two forms of communication, Give examples of how
    communication can break down,
  • Explain the styles of communication that can assist in conflict resolution,
  • Describe patterns of behaviour encountered in conflict situations,
  • Give examples of the different warning and danger signs,
  • Give examples of the impact factors involved when assessing risk.
  • Describe different models for dealing with conflict and the importance of distance when dealing with conflict, Explain the use of ‘reasonable force’ as it applies to conflict resolution